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Found 3 results

  1. The 5th Element Task Force. Looking for players used to using TeamSpeak, who want to play Wildlands as a stealth and strategy game. We don't run and gun, we don't go in loud. Take only if absolutely needed and kill only when absolutely needed for the mission. Civilians are kept from danger and stealth is always the first choice. Missions and, in the future, Roleplay missions. Come have a look and join up if you want to be part of it. - Part of 5th Dimension gaming clan but no direct affiliation required -
  2. After playing for a bit in DZ5, the two of us killed a boss and his minions and headed to an extraction zone. When we arrived and called for extraction, another 3 player team joined us and we all fought off the attacking AI. Next thing we know, the three other players shoot us in the back, kill us and take the loot for the extraction for themselves. I would imagine this is not so uncommon so the question is... what strategies have you formed to deal with situations like this, apart from not extracting with other players around ?. Our current solution is to wait until the heli is almost there and activate the protection and damage talents, drop my turret and my partners smart bomb before actually extracting to help provide some protection against anyone coming up last minute to steal our sweet, sweet loot. Another would be good in a 4 person team with two at the extraction and two providing overwatch from a distance, swapping as needed. Any others anyone else has ?.
  3. Today I'm curious about the play style you guys are going to use. Specifically weapon combos. I.e shot gun + AR, marksman rifle + sub machine gun etc etc and if you wish then add why. I will be going for a Assault rifle + smg combo. thats a 3min video that touches on why but short version it lets me play very aggressive. The team mates I have help in allowing me to play aggressive but the combo of 2 fast firing full auto weapons to me is just beautiful. (Marksman rifles are AWESOME tho) would love to see what different combos people are planning on using. hopefully I'm not the only person sitting here figuring out my playstyle :)