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Found 7 results

  1. Might be good to see whether those of you at EG have a build preference/opinions, before Tidal Basin drops. Some of you have been talking about mask and blueprints. Kind of figured you'd be in a position to also focus on your Armour/Health, Skill Power and DPS. So, 1) What are you focusing on in your builds between Amour/Health, Skill Power and DPS? 2) What weapon combo are you finding works for you? 3) Do you have particular talents you are relying on? 4) Do you think there is a meta atm? And, if so, what is it?
  2. Ubisoft has a survey up. Do you have views on exotics, vanity items currencies and hvt., then follow the white rabbit down the link below.
  3. Ubisoft have another survey up. It is for the BOO and end game 1.6.1.
  4. Ubisoft has a survey up regarding the new Loadouts feature released in patch 1.6.1. The link is below. Edit: also covers rewards , loot, and crafting.
  5. For those of you who haven't received your plane tickets to Ubisoft ETF in the UK, Ubisoft has put up a survey for players to provide feedback towards the ETF. If you're interested in providing input to the ETF then follow the link below.
  6. Ubisoft has put out a survey for the Last Stand for those who have been PTSing.
  7. Those who were PTSing, ubisoft has a skills survey to garner feedback. If you're interested, details are below. " Agents,With the Update 1.4 PTS wrapping up a few hours ago, we want to gather some feedback regarding Skills on the PTS.Click the link below to access the survey. Do not hesitate to leave a comment in this thread, if you’d like to discuss the matter further with the rest of the community!Thanks, "