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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, I wanted to ask if there's already a way around The Division 2 locked region key languages that are Russian and Chinese. I already have tried things with the cfg's, so i wouldn't know anymore so i come here (if there are already is a fix for it) Regards
  2. Since moving to using a full AMD build (Ryzen and RX 580), I can no longer use Shadowplay (obviously). Unfortunately, ReLive is a big pile of rubbish and apart from getting conflicting patch information it refuses to record ANY audio...either from Mic or in-game. Tried pretty much anything i can think of and I've confirmed all inputs are working and the inputs are being picked up fine by the computer. So, OBS, obvious alternative! Except, I can't use OBS with The Division. IT WILL CRASH THE GAME EVERY SINGLE TIME. Currently I've found a work around involving, launching OBS, navigating to its folders, DELETING one of the windows folders completetly (part of the 32 & 64bit file extentions), THEN opening and running The Division. It works fine, however I have to repeat the process every time I run OBS as it (rightfully) updates its file extensions each restart. Does anyone have any info or help? It's working but I'm used to Shadowplay...just ...working! lol, no real issues with Shadowplay ever. I'm a bit p*ssed that because I no longer use an Nvidia card I can't jerryrig Shadowplay to run again *sad* I could use MSI Afterburner but I don't believe the quality will be suffiicent for YouTube videos that I'd want to post.
  3. Um Hey guys I ran into a bit if a problem. So i recently just Updated To 1.14 ( Lastest) And am finding that the Special Equipment Vendor And the Blue Prints Vendor Are Always Empty, All the other vendors work. Though
  4. Hey everyone I am OGC xLOLLIPOPx from Outlaw Gaming Community (OGC), OGC has just recently split off into 3 games MW remastered, The Division, and BF1 for the Xbox One.. I am the General that runs all 3 squads for these 3 games. I am Mostly looking for people who are interested in The Division, but I am will also be accepting people for the other 2 games if they are interested. We are a mature Gaming Community 18+ you must have a MIC. This does not include the xbox Kinect. We are a ever growing Community and will always be looking for people to join. If this sounds like its a good fit for you please message me on here or over Xbox once again my GT is OGC xLOLLIPOPx. I look forward to meeting everyone that is interested. Thank you!
  5. Prime Collective was founded in July of 2014. It is founded on the principles of “Life comes 1st”, and is a semi-casual, yet competitive close-knit clan. We are parents, gaming vets, and younger(mature) gamers. We all rock the Xbox One just the same. We play many games, such as Destiny, Star Wars BF, BO3, Halo5, and more, but all are super pumped for The Division. Prime Collective strives for community, is a laid back and fun environment, and of course we offer you a healthy dose of Shenanigans. We are big in communication and use a mobile chat app for our primary form of communication in game meet ups, news, and community chatter. 17+ age requirement. Prime Collective:Part of If you love the Division and fell like we are good fit, fell free to leave a comment, DM me, or hit me up on twitter. --ThaddeusPrime
  6. You need a [ps4] clan check out mine. It's called- The Evil Clan The only rule is be a team player and prove your loyalty and move up in ranks-henchmen(recruit),The chosen(member), Guardian(officer) we also post the latest division news!!!
  7. We are the Night Stalkers. Remember our name. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ TRANSMISSION RECEIVED \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If you are receiving this, this is a message to any remaining Agents of the Strategic Homeland Division. All is not lost. The disease will be stopped. But right now, we are divided. Various dominating factions and rogue agents have pulled us from one another. We must come together in this dire time, and do as we were trained to do. Specifically, we are a Black Operations Force within The Division, call sign: Night Stalkers. Only the most disciplined, dedicated, and loyal will be offered further training by our team. Speaking to you is call sign: Knightmare, Commander of the Night Stalkers. I beseech you to remember what this great nation was before the outbreak. Remember who you are. All that you are is what you are not. You are not a criminal. You are not a rogue. You are not scared. You are not weak. You are not alone. Fight with us. Rejoin your brothers. Work together to rebuild the home of the brave. Knight Commander of the Night Stalkers "Strong Enough to Stand Alone, Wise Enough to Stand Together" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ END TRANSMISSION \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We are the Night Stalkers. We are skilled and move with a purpose. Each one of us contributes to the whole of the team. Importance is put upon the utmost efficiency in communication. Discipline is a necessity. Speak when necessary, for there will be many of us. If you cannot follow orders, then don't even apply. We want people that listen, that are trainable, and that can keep a level head when pressure begins pounding between your ears. We will teach you how to survive. We will teach you how to thrive. And together, we shall conquer where we are at. Pressure will be strong and stakes will be high. But if everyone follows what they are instructed to do, and everyone does what is needed, then we will all survive. I don't accept causalities. No one dies. Period. We leave no man behind, but if you think will fall behind, then turn around right now. We will mow our adversaries over. They will know our name. We are the Night Stalkers. Although we are not a MILSIM clan, expect that level of discipline. It will be strict when it gets hot, do not be mistaken. If you can contribute to a team and work as a unit, then email me and I will further question you. We will have a lot of fun out there, but we will establish control of ourselves in order to deal with the greatest threats that we can possibly encounter in order to do this. And bottom line, winning is fun. So either win with us, or die like the rest, for none will stand against us. Prove that you are worthy to stand with us. Knight For further information, or recruitment requests, email me at [email protected]; message me via xbo; my gamertag is NST Knightmare or message me on skype; my skype username is knightmarenst
  8. So across both betas I noticed most people go for high dps builds high health builds and that's fine but skill power is super useful. I managed 5000+ dos with 3000+ health and 1700+ skill power or 2500 health 2000 skill power. this has quite a few clips of skill power letting me win 2 on 1s and just survivability and causing damage. myself I'll go high dps and skill power with hopefully mid range health. What build are you hoping to go with and why? I'd defo recommend having at least some skill power rather than a minimul amount but I do think it depends on play style and of course opinion :)
  9. I just want to start by saying welcome to the thread. I also want to say that I had fallen in love with this game before any alpha or beta was announced. I didn't get to play the alpha but i was able to play the closed and open beta. The game ran pretty well for me so im not going to talk about any of the glitches or cheats that anyone may have experienced. That being said, i want to talk about some things we may want in the full game and what can be improved on. first thing that came to mind was the surroundings and scenery. The game looks good dont get me wrong. I would just like to see the buildings being used more like more of an active scene than just a prop. For example; wouldn't it be cool to see people like looters and stuff running out of stores and other landmarks with stuff they have stolen. Maybe camps for the civilians trying to survive in a civilized way. I thought i might see an enemy chasing innocent people down the street that i could take out and get rewarded for. Obviously we didn't see that. Really what im getting at here is; if the enemies are going to be far and in between there should be something also pulling our attention and the envirionment should do that more. I'd like to hear what you all think about that. there were a few turn offs i noticed when i first started playing. 1. which isn't all the big at all and may actually be in the full game. The apparel. I didnt find a Vendor that sold clothing items. which i think is weird. Especially since they have no effect on you actual skills and stats. Again this may be in the full game. 2. Cars don't explode. Look I get that it's a cover based game. but i dont see anything wrong with an explosion animation and then the car can go back it stationary position for you to get cover from again. 3. The world map. i like how its looks. If you are anything like me. you weren't always a good agent in the Dark Zone. I found myself running alot when i went rogue. If you were lone wolfing it. running was really your only option. Now I really would like to be able to run while looking at some form of a map so i know where to turn and where not to in order to avoid capture. 4. Last one- Enemy population. They say the enemies have increased in population and were buffed. i honestly feel they should increase there numbers even more and maybe spread them around the City more (DZ included). no need for another buff. Those were really the only gripes i had. May have had more. Just can't remember right now. Well tell me what thoughts you have. #March8 #TheDivision
  10. The Division | Patch Notes & Open Beta!!! Https://
  11. Oh, the tragedy! The heartache! The absolute terror! How will we possibly go on!? Answer: Easily. My friend and I put about 20 or so hours into this most recent of betas and came back with mixed feelings about what we had just played. We enjoyed some of the elements of the game. We didn't mind the shooting, despite the obvious bullet sponges that exist. We enjoyed the open atmosphere. The game is beautiful at almost all settings. Although we wished a chaotic city was a bit more chaotic to be honest. We were enticed by the future possibilities, but felt that the limitations set on this beta were far too many. You want to showcase your game, showcase it! What's the point of holding back all the talents or crafting? Your game is a month away from release! Dazzle us! Please! We are really hoping the final release of the game will offer more and that Ubisoft takes all the suggestions on the Division forums to heart! Please be good! Damn it! End Thoughts: PVE: Is it me or does this feel like a "New York Apocalypse Skin" over some of Ubisoft's more veteran titles? (Far Cry, Assassin's Creed). A bunch of side quests and missions set apart from the main story (although no climbing towers here), that had you kill this, get that, deliver this, fix that, and then move on. As a fan some of Ubisoft's other titles, can this really be ignored? Frankly, the drastic similarity between other games felt lazy. They could have done better than this. Really. PVP: Namely Dark Zone gameplay. It actually was fun in the beginning. The anxiety of wandering the streets, fighting tougher elite NPCs, hunting rogue agents: it brought a good sense of entertainment to it. However, we could comment on this and wonder how much longer it would remain entertaining. True, when we grouped up with people it became exponentially more fun, however, what else is there to do here? Answer: not that much. We really wanted to see a possible crossover of PVE quests with PVP mechanics switched into the DZ. Maybe, have quests and counter quests: good agents have to do something, rogue agents have to stop them. We wanted more. I'm guessing so did many others, judging by the responses here. If you read all that, bless your heart! If not, you can watch our series on the Division. Watch us wander aimlessly through the streets of ruined New York. If you like, support us with a like and a subscribe! Thank you!
  12. Hey everyone ...been waiting On The Division for years now and I'm exited to be apart of the Community with you guys ....lets do this !