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Found 1 result

  1. Week of November 18:Scheduled server maintenance: Tuesday, November 19th – 9:30 AM CET to 10:30 AM CET. Please keep an eye on @TheDivisionGame for any updates on the maintenance.Patch Notes: As announced on the forums we're rotating the apparel contained in the standard cache. Kenly College will close on Tuesday, 7 AM UTC and will remain closed for two weeks, to return on December 3rd. This is part of the normal Expedition rotation where Kenly College is available for one week followed by two weeks of downtime.High priority issues currently being investigated: NPCs not spawning or being unable to locate NPCs to progress during a mission. Invisible walls in several areas. Specializations resetting under certain circumstances. Developer interface sometimes appearing when fast travelling to missions. Players being able to enter the Dark Zone with large quantities of Specialization ammunition. /The Division 2 community Team