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Found 2 results

  1. Title Update 6 - Episode 2 Patch Notes Welcome to the Patch Notes for Title Update 6, Episode 2. Below you will find new content that is added to the game, gameplay changes, balance updates, bug fixes and more. Update: please be aware the Patch Notes are not final as we're reviewing final details. Changes will be highlighted in Orange and we'll let you know once they're fully updated. Thank you for your patience. New content (Side mission) Intro Mission Pentagon Breach At the beginning of Episode 2, players will investigate a transmission from a fellow Agent scouting the Pentagon for the perfusion bioreactor. Securing the bioreactor would allow Agents to replicate the antiviral samples recovered at Tidal Basin. Agents must navigate flood damage and Black Tusk forces to take back The Last Castle. Main missions The Pentagon Agents will discover the location of the perfusion bioreactor inside the Pentagon’s underground research facility. The Black Tusk have already infiltrated the lab and are attempting to extract the reactor.. DARPA Research Labs In a race again time, players must make their way through the Pentagon and into the DARPA Labs, as the Black Tusk are in the process of transporting the perfusion bioreactor through an abandoned Cold War tunnel network. New Specialization Technician The Technician is our fifth Specialization and is equipped with a P-017 Launcher, which fires six missiles to seek out enemies. The Technician also wields a Maxim 9 as their sidearm and has access to the Artificer Hive Skill Variant and EMP Grenades. It is a support Agent, which can boost both its own and others’ skills with its variant of the Hive, Artificer. Classified Assignments Marina Supply Route Outcasts have been moving weapons and supplies into a boathouse on the Potomac River. The boathouse was used as a transport depot during the outbreak to move assets to the Potomac Center and Roosevelt Island. Agents must investigate and seize all the weapons they can find. Embassy Crash Site A JTF helicopter filled with supplies was shot down by the Outcasts and crashed through the roof of the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. Agents will be tasked to locate the helicopter to rescue the pilot and secure the supplies before the Outcasts get there. PVP Map Wharf Wharf joins the existing rotation of Conflict maps, adding a new location of an abandoned fishing harbor. The location itself offering raised vantage points and multiple flanking routes. PVP Mode Team Elimination Team Elimination is the third game mode of Conflict, placing players in seven fast paced rounds. The perma-death for each round is encouraging players to work together to ensure victory but also offering great comeback opportunities. Exotic item: Sawyer’s Kneepads Short Circuit: +80% Jammer Pulse Charge Speed. First Wave Tech: Disruption effects now destroy hostile skill proxies. After staying in cover for 4 seconds you can the Lead by Example buff. Lead by Example: Gain 50% bonus armor while performing a cover to cover. If the distance traveled is at least 8m, disrupt all enemies within 10m and gain 10% (4% in PVP) bonus armor for each [Defensive Attribute] for 4s. The disrupt occurs 1 second after completing the cover to cover. High-End Weapons: New High-End Weapon added: KSG Shotgun. Gameplay changes Blueprints Added a missing blueprint for the Aces & Eights kneepads. Removed 3 blueprints from the blueprint collection as they were not obtainable in the game. Blueprints that haven’t been acquired yet will now be visible in the crafting bench interface with hints on how to acquire them. Brand sets Brand sets now have an item available on every slot, Mask, Backpack, Vest, Gloves, Holster and Kneepads. 38 new branded gear pieces have been added overall. Control Points Control Point Officers will now revive all downed players, instead of only reviving the player that was downed last, in co-op sessions. Crafting Enemies will no longer drop crafting materials that the player is currently capped out on. Deconstructing gear and weapons have a chance to provide Polycarbonate. The chance to gain extra materials from deconstructing stays the same. Lowered crafting costs. When crafting fewer grey and Brand materials will now be required. At Gear Score 500 base materials required are now 60 (down from 85). At Gear Score 500 Brand materials required are now 5 (down from 8). Enemies will now drop higher amounts of crafting materials. Green materials up to 12 (from 6). Blue materials up to 9 (from 4). Named enemies drop larger quantities than before. Crafting material containers will now drop one green and one blue material, instead of just one of either. Added a notification to the crafting interface that increases clarity when an upgrade to the Crafting Bench is available. The crafting vendor Inaya now sells a perk that allows a player to share materials between all their characters. Increased perks for upgrading the material inventory size: Base materials cap with all perks unlocked now 2000 (up from 600). Green and blue materials cap with all perks unlocked now 1500 (up from 400). Increased material caps for rare materials: Purple cap now 300 (up from 100). Orange cap now 80 (up from 50). Hard Wired base materials cap now 50 (up from 30). Hard Wired components cap now 10 (up from 5). Gear Mods Offensive Protocol: Precision, Defensive System: Resistance, Utility Protocol: Repository Gear Mods have been removed from the loot pool. XP Bonuses are no longer granted by Gear Mods. Weapon specific Critical Hit Chance / Damage is no longer granted by Gear Mods. Existing gear mods have not been affected by these changes, they will only apply to new gear mods. Descriptions updated to no longer include the keywords System / Protocol as requirements to equipping mods. Gear Sets All Gear Sets Chest & Backpack items now roll talents (only affects new drops) Ongoing Directive "+20% Weapon Handling" & "+25% Burn Damage" have been removed "+25% Bleed Damage" requires 2 Items Equipped (down from 4) "Emergency Requisition" requires 3 Items Equipped (down from 5) Talent changed to the following: "Combat resources (armor kits, ammo, grenades) within 40 meters of you are collected when your weapon is reloaded." "The Right Tool..." requires 4 Items Equipped (down from 6) Talent changed to the following: "Killing an enemy affected by a status effect drops explosive special ammo." Mod slots for all items have been updated (affects new and existing gear) Total mod slots for all items equal (6 Offense, 2 Defense, 2 Utility) Attributes rolls for all items have been updated (only affects new drops) Total attribute rolls (6 Offense, 6 Random) True Patriot "+10% Damage to Armor" & "+10% Protection from Elites" have been removed "+10% Total Armor" requires 2 Items Equipped (down from 4) "Red, White and Blue" Requires 3 Items Equipped (down from 5) "Full Flag" requires 4 Items Equipped (down from 6) Mod slots for all items have been updated (affects new and existing gear) Total mod slots for all items equal (6 Offense, 2 Defense, 2 Utility) Attributes rolls for all items have been updated (only affects new drops) Total attribute rolls (6 Offense, 6 Random) Hard Wired "+20% Skill Health" & "+20% Increased Shock Duration" have been removed "+20% Skill Power" requires 2 Items Equipped (down from 4) "Tamper Proof" requires 3 Items Equipped (down from 5) "Feedback Loop" requires 4 Items Equipped (down from 6) Mod slots for all items have been updated (affects new and existing gear) Total mod slots for all items equal (2 Offense, 2 Defense, 6 Utility) Attributes rolls for all items have been updated (only affects new drops) Total attribute rolls (6 Utility, 6 Random) Negotiators Dilemma "10,000 Armor On Kill" & "+30% Health" have been removed "+30% Explosive Resistance" requires 2 Items Equipped (down from 4) "Blowback" requires 3 Items Equipped (down from 5) "Press Home the Advantage" requires 4 Items Equipped (down from 6) Mod slots for all items have been updated (affects new and existing gear) Total mod slots for all items equal (6 Defense, 6 Utility) Attributes rolls for all items have been updated (only affects new drops) Total attribute rolls (6 Defense, 4 Utility, 2 Random) Aces and Eights "+20% Weapon Handling" & "+20% Accuracy" have been removed "+10% Marksman Rifle Damage" requires 2 Items Equipped (down from 4) "Dead Man's Hand" requires 3 Items Equipped (down from 5) "Sheriffs Favor" requires 4 Items Equipped (down from 6) Mod slots for all items have been updated (affects new and existing gear) Mod slots for all items have been updated (affects new and existing gear) Attributes rolls for all items have been updated (only affects new drops) Total attribute rolls (10 Offense, 2 Random) Kenly College A Mastery System is coming to Expeditions, rewarding completion time on different difficulties. When competing for Mastery Medals, a special Mastery Modifier is active. Dead Drop is the modifier active when Kenly College is going live with Title Update 6. Dead Drop: Enemies, based on their veterancy, will drop different types of live grenades when they die. The requirements to earn a medal are shown in the UI, allowing players to compare their completion times. Players will now be able to play Kenly College on Normal, Hard, and Challenging difficulties with each difficulty mode has its own Mastery Time. Kenly College will be opening again on October 15th, with all three Investigation Areas active. The Expedition will then close on October 29th and go on a two weeks closed, one week open rotation. The Diamond Back Exotic Rifle will be a guaranteed reward for your first completion of Kenly College when the Expedition opens. Loot targeting Loot targeting is a new feature introduced with Title Update 6 / Episode 2. When reaching World Tier 5 players will be able to see Named Zones and Main Missions now have icons to reflect a higher drop chance for specific items. This allows agents to target specific brands, weapons and mods in these missions and zones. A detailed article about this feature can be found here. Named items We’ve added new named items as well as upgraded existing ones. Named Items are improved versions of normal items, with a unique name and a fixed talent. The talent is a slightly better version of a normal High-End talent, to ensure that these items are more rewarding and powerful. Onboarding Improved tutorials The Prologue mission pace has been tweaked to allow an easier entry into the game. The UI of tutorials during the Prologue mission have been improved. New tutorials: Weapon Switching, Grenade Throwing, Roll, Melee, Set Waypoint on map, Open Map, Open Inventory, Loot, Level-up, Living World Activities, Safe Houses, Fast Travel, Detection, Weak points, Destructible Armor, Veterans and Elites, Coop, Matchmaking, Switch to Side Arm, Armor, Combat Tactics, Climb Up/Down, Field Proficiency Cache, Side Missions and Staff. A Tutorial Codex has been added to the Character Menu which can be used to access previously seen Tutorials. Early Game Players now automatically start with a second weapon slot; the perk has been removed. Tutorials for and unlocking Perks now happen later in the progression. The first upgrade of the Theater Settlement now unlocks after the first safe house is unlocked, which should be a smoother flow of progression in the early game. The Jefferson Trade Center, Viewpoint Museum, American History Museum and Air and Space Museum missions received a starting level adjustment for a better initial pacing of progression. The second skill unlock is now awarded from the Jefferson Trade Center mission instead of the Grand Washington Hotel mission, for better pacing and onboarding experience. UI improvements The character menu has been renamed to Inventory to add clarity. Multiple improvements to notifications meant to reduce clutter and improve pacing of information. PVP The DZ Daily Project now is a PvP project. Each day this Project will now lead players to a Dark Zone or Conflict activity. Developer comment: We took this approach instead of adding a new project category because players can already feel overwhelmed with the number of available projects and we didn’t want to add more clutter to that experience. Bonus armor is now properly visualized for enemies. Developer comment: Previously you only saw bonus armor appear on teammates and yourself. This led to the feeling that shots were being dropped because there was a lack of signs and feedback when you were shooting through an enemy player’s bonus armor pool. This change lets the game feel both more responsive and more tactical, putting more knowledge in the players hand before they initiate an attack. Normalization. Player stats will no longer be modified, and agents receive their full recalibration bonuses at end game. Players below Gear Score 500 will still get a boost to 500 but agents that have optimized their gear will now have a slight advantage. Talents still have PvE and PvP versions and are now displaying their PvP version when entering a PvP activity. PvP modifiers are now shown in the UI. Conflict End of match presentation We have dramatically overhauled the overall presentation for Conflict in TU6. New Loading Screens. New “Match Starts” sequence. Updated Boost signs and feedback. Updated Victory and Loss presentation, winning teams are also greeted by new music. Reworked end of round screen. This has received updates to pacing and layout and is now focusing more on the earned rewards. End of match reward. Players will now always earn a reward for playing a match of conflict regardless if they won or lost their match. Players still earn additional rewards for ranking up and winning. Developer comment: In general Conflict reward pacing was not on par with the rest of the game and we think the update will up the incentives for our players to jumping in to Conflict matches. Added new sound effects for the countdown in Conflict. Added visibility of the area of effect range of Skills. Only shows when players are in the affected area. Supply Drops New locations for supply drops have been added and the variety of supply drops has been increased. Supply drops can now also occur in the ODZ. Thieves’ Den Vendor The vendor has been reworked and now offers goods for Dark Zone currency. Dark Zone currency can be earned in any DZ and is now a unified currency for all Dark Zones. The vendor’s goods will reset regularly. Recalibration We have made several changes to recalibration for this update: New recalibration interface. Players are now able to recalibrate stat types over each other, for example Offensive (Red) attributes over Defensive (blue) attributes. This still only applies to stats on gear pieces of the same category. It is now possible to recalibrate items that are located in the Stash. Recalibration score has increased from 100 to 150. Shepherd and Call for Backup Shepherd rank now rises automatically. Filling the shepherd meter now triggers an automatic endorsement. The host may still grant an additional endorsement. Due to this additional available endorsement, Shepherd ranks now require 15 endorsements for the first rank and 7 endorsements for each additional rank. (Up from 10 and 5, respectively.) Stash Stash Space perks Increased by 150, players will now have 300 stash space with all perks unlocked. Increased Mailbox capacity to 60. Balancing changes Brand Sets Alps Summit Armament: 2-Piece set bonus is now +10% Skill Power (up from 5%). China Light Industries Corporation: 3-Piece set bonus is now +20% Skill Haste (down from 30%). Petrov Defense Group: 3-Piece set bonus is now +20% Skill Haste (down from 30%). Exotic Holstered Talents Chatterbox (Nerf): While holstered, reloading your weapon within 5s after a kill grants 15% (down from 20%) rate of fire for 10s. Nemesis (Nerf): While holstered, gain +15% (down from +25%) headshot damage when scoped with your current weapon. PvP version remains unchanged at +10%. Merciless (buff): While holstered, landing a shot has a 5% chance to deal +100% (up from +20%) damage as explosive damage. Exotic Talents BTSU Gloves (Quality of Life Adjustment) Explosions created by the Charged Proxies talent no longer damage the player. Chatterbox (Buff): Every shot landed grants 1% rate of fire to a max of 60%. This resets on reload. Kills with this weapon refill 75% (up from 20%) of its magazine and grants a buff for 10s. While the buff is active, every shot landed increases magazine capacity by 3 (up from 1) to a max of 60. Killing a target consumes the buff to fully refill the increased magazine. Diamondback (Buff PvE) Diamondback randomly marks an enemy. Hitting that enemy consumes the mark, guaranteeing a critical hit with +20% total damage. A new random target is marked afterwards and whenever you reload. After hitting 5 marked targets, gain +50% reload speed, +20% total damage, and all shots fired are guaranteed critical hits for 10s 15s. While drawn, each time a round is loaded, gain +20% (up from +15%) bonus armor for 3s. Although current live version text says 20%, this was bugged and only did 15%, it now grants 20% instead of 15%. Diamondback (PvP – New Functionality) Headshots against players trigger deep fangs for 5 seconds. Non-player Enemies such as NPCs and player skills will still be marked randomly by the Diamondback and will also trigger deep fangs for 5 seconds. Eagle Bearer (Adjustment) Base Damage Reduced by 15%. Accuracy increases as you continuously fire, up to +100%. Headshot kills grant +100% reload speed, +50% (up from +35%) damage, and the tenacity buff for 10s. PvP version remains at 35%. The strength of Tenacity is increased by 1% for body shots and 5% for headshots. 40-80% (up from 20-80%) of the damage taken is delayed until the buff expires. All the total delayed damage is reduced for each enemy killed while the buff is active, up to 100% with 3 (down from 5) kills. Merciless (Buff) RPM increased from 260 to 400. This weapon is equipped with a binary trigger that fires on trigger pull and release. Pulling the trigger fires primer rounds that stay embedded in an enemy. Releasing the trigger fires detonator rounds that detonate all primers on the enemy it hits. Each primer detonated gains +100% (up from +75%) damage per primer detonated. PvP version remains at +75%. Only one enemy can have primers and at most 5 primers can be embedded. Nemesis (PvP Nerf) PvP Base Damage reduced by 10% Pestilence (Buff): PvE Base Damage increased by 20% PvP damage increased by 5.6% After hitting the same enemy 5 (down from 10) times, that enemy is inflicted with Plague of the Outcasts for 10s. Whenever an enemy with Plague of the Outcasts is killed, they leave a toxic cloud for 5s (down from 10) that deals 1000% (up from 400%) weapon damage per second to anyone inside and inflicts them with Pestilence. PvP version remains at 500% for 10s. This debuff reduces healing received by 50% for 10s. Whenever an enemy with Pestilence would be downed, they are instead instantly killed. Pestilence is removed if the enemy is repaired to full armor. Sweet Dreams (Buff): Base Damage increased by 20%. Landing a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 60% (up from 35%) bonus armor and applies the Sandman debuff. PvP bonus armor remains at 35%. Killing an enemy with the Sandman debuff reapplies the bonus armor. This debuff prevents the enemy from using armor kits and from receiving healing from any source. While equipped, dodging reloads 25% of your current weapon's magazine. And if drawn, dodging grants +20% weapon damage for 10s. (added functionality) NPCs Rebalanced Hard, Challenging and Heroic difficulty. Black Tusk War Hounds and Mini Tanks will now feature red, blinking lights before they perform their on-death explosion. This is now consistent with how all other NPCs signal that they explode. Black Tusk Mini Tank now has a short wind-up before its on-death explosion. Fixed an issue that prevented the Black Tusk War Hound’s turret from not being able to rotate beyond a certain threshold when moving. Developer comment: This means the War Hound will be able to hit a target more frequently when moving which was always intended. Decreased effectiveness of the Black Tusk Mini Tank after its Controller has died. Increased wind-up time of LMG greatly. Decreased accuracy significantly. Enabled friendly fire. Removed Explosive Ammo from Elite Black Tusk War Hound and replaced it with “Triple Shot”—three successive shots after a short delay between each. Developer comment: Bleed was too punishing when applied by the War Hound. NPCs are now more aggressive when entering combat with the player. Assaults now provide cover-fire for their allies when entering combat if a Heavy Weapons is not present in their fireteam. Decreased Outcasts Tank and Underground Tank health by 12.5%. Increased movement speed of Underground Tank slightly. Decreased crowd-controlling effectiveness against Tank NPCs slightly and in a number of different ways: Shock duration decreased by 50% for Tanks. Ensnare duration decreased by 50% for Tanks. Burn no longer staggers or affects the behavior of Tanks. Blind causes Tank NPCs to stand still and shoot wildly (with friendly fire turned on). Blinded Melee Tanks slowly move to the player’s last known position but will not attack. Confuse causes Tank NPCs to walk around randomly while shooting wildly (with friendly fire turned on). Confused Melee Tanks slowly move towards the player but with a decent amount of delay. Player Turrets are now more likely to be targeted by enemy NPCs. This is especially true if the player is hiding in cover or not doing anything particularly threatening. The hitbox size has also been increased slightly and we fixed some issues so enemy NPCs will now hit turrets a bit more easily. PVP Skills have been individually tuned for PVP. Any value adjustments will be displayed in the skill information panel. Damage adjustments only affect damage dealt to players in Conflict and all Dark Zones. NPCs within Dark Zones take un-modified skill damage. Status effect duration adjustments only affect status effects dealt by skills to players in Conflict and all Dark Zones. Status effects durations are unmodified to NPCs within Dark Zones. Shield damage taken adjustments only affect damage dealt to shield from players. NPCs deal unmodified damage versus player shields. Healing adjustments affect all healing within conflict and Dark Zones. Cooldown adjustments affect usage of skills within conflict and all Dark Zones. Damage Adjustments (Buffs): Pulse - Jammer: 0.16 -> 5 Turret - Sniper: 0.12 -> 0.4 Turret - Artillery: 0.16 -> 0.45 Chem Launcher - Firestarter: 0.16 -> 0.5 Chem Launcher - Oxidizer: 0.16 -> 0.35 Firefly - Burster: 0.16 -> 0.35 Firefly - Demolisher: 0.16 -> 10 Seeker Mine - Explosive: 0.16 -> 0.22 Seeker Mine - Airburst: 0.16 -> 0.4 Seeker Mine - Cluster: 0.16 -> 0.25 Damage Taken Adjustments (Nerfs): Shield - Bulwark: 1.82 -> 3 Shield - Crusader: 1.82 -> 3 Shield - Deflector: 1.82 -> 3 Healing Adjustments (Nerfs): Hive - Restorer: 0.64 -> 0.5 Chem Launcher - Reinforcer: 0.64 -> 0.5 Seeker Mine - Mender: 0.64 -> 0.5 Drone - Fixer: 0.64 -> 0.5 Status Effect Duration (Nerfs): Firefly - Blinder: 1 -> 0.4 Cooldown Adjustments (Nerfs): Pulse: 1->3 (Conflict only) Skills Chem Launcher: Repair cloud no longer repairs a hostile players armor. Drone: Striker Drone damage is now affected by the Damage to Elites attribute. Firefly All Firefly variants can now be quick-deployed and will rapidly seek out the nearest target(s). Increased cooldown of Blinder Firefly from 60s to 90s. Developer Notes: Similar to what was outlined above, generous skill haste from gear and the addition of the exotic BTSU gloves meant players could achieve both very frequent and very long blind durations on NPCs. Coupled with something like an equally short cooldown on Cluster Seekers, it was possible to crowd-control an entire wave of 10+ enemies while simultaneously dealing tens of millions of damage with ease and at very little risk. We like seeing powerful combinations of skills being used together and want to encourage clever use of game mechanics, especially in terms of group synergy, but it should come at the cost of investing in highly specialized gear. With these changes, it is still possible to achieve a 10s or lower cooldown on both the Blinder Firefly and Cluster Seeker Mines, however it will require a more significant investment in Skill Haste to achieve such a powerful force-multiplier. Hive: The Stinger hive now applies the Bleed status effect on hit. Can now be picked up and placed down elsewhere. The charges that remain when picked up are saved. No longer uses a cooldown, but instead uses a charge-up mechanic similar to chem launcher. Pulse Scanner Pulse base cooldown increased from 40s to 60s. Remote Pulse base radius increased from 12m to 15m. Seeker Mine Increased damage of Explosive Seeker Mine by 20%. Now applies Bleed status effect. Increased damage of Cluster Seeker Mines by +30%. Increased cooldown of Cluster Seeker Mines from 40s to 60s. Lowered quantity of Cluster Seeker Mines from 4 to 3. Increase cooldown of Blinder Firefly from 60s to 90s. Developer Notes: We've seen an overall positive reception from the community in regard to the improvements to skills and skill haste in TU5, and it's been great to see players theory crafting and using their new and improved builds. With skill-based builds becoming more and more common at the end-game however, it was clear that some combination of skills had become overly disruptive to the intended experience. In particular, the generous increase to skill haste on gear coupled with the reduced base cooldown of Cluster Seekers meant achieving a very short cooldown was relatively easy. While we're happy with the damage output of the Cluster Seeker itself, the skill does more than just blow things up, as it effectively causes NPCs to panic; frequently flushing them out of or away from cover, leading to even more damage received. For this reason, the Cluster Seeker can be seen as a significant force multiplier, especially in group content. Because encounter balance and cadence is important for creating not just challenging combat, but a satisfying overall experience, we felt it necessary to increase the cooldown of Cluster Seekers to 60s (still remaining 30s shorter than its TU4 counterpart) and lower the number of mines deployed by 1, while giving it a boost in damage to compensate; ensuring it remains your best choice when it comes to eliminating multiple spread-out targets at once. The increase in damage and the addition of the Bleed status effect to the Explosive Seeker Mine should also increase its attractiveness and make choosing between it and the Cluster variant a more meaningful choice. Turret Assault Turret and Sniper Turret damage is now affected by the Damage to Elites attribute. Increased drain on Incinerator Turret active duration when firing. Talents New talents: Composure: While in cover, grants +10% total weapon damage. Composure can be found on kneepad items. Requires 11 offensive attributes. Concussion: Headshots grant +15% headshot damage for 2 s, 5s with marksman rifles. Concussion can be found on mask items. Requires 7 offensive attributes. Spark: Damaging enemies with skills or grenades grant +15% (10% in PvP) weapon damage for 15s. Spark can be found on backpack items. Requires 9 offensive attributes. Vigilance: Gain +25% (20% in PvP) weapon damage. Receiving damage disables this buff for 4s. Vigilance can be found on chest items. Requires 7 offensive attributes. Talent changes: Basic Gear Talents: All Basic Gear Talents are changing to be “Unique Equip”, meaning they will not stack with duplicates of themselves on other pieces of gear. This means players will have to compose builds of unique talent combinations instead of stacking one talent on all pieces. To compensate for this, all of the basic talents have gotten boosts to their power level. Berserk: Nerf PVE: +8% (down from 10%) weapon damage for every 20% of max armor depleted. Bloodlust: New functionality Swapping weapons grants +15% weapon damage for 5s. The buff is lost for 5s when you swap a weapon while the buff is active. Bloodsucker: PvP Nerf PvE: Unchanged PvP: Depleting an enemy's armor adds a stack of +15% (down from 20%) bonus armor for 5s. Max stack is 2 (down from 5). Calculated: PvP Buff PvE: Unchanged. PvP: Kills from cover reduce skill cooldowns by 20% (up from 10%). Capacitive: Buff +50% Skill Duration (up from +20%). Centered: Buff Headshot kills grant status effect immunity for 30s (up from 10s). Compensated: Nerf Weapon damage is increased by 10% (down from 15%) when your critical hit chance is below 20%. Now correctly removes the buff if critical hit chance is increased when the buff is active. Creeping Death: Buff PvE: Status effects spread to the nearest enemy within 25m (up from 10m). Can occur every 5s (down from 15s). PvP: Status effects spread to the nearest enemy within 10m. Can occur every 5s (down from 15s). Critical: Buff +15% (up from 5%) critical hit damage. Destructive: Buff +40% Explosive Damage (up from +20%). Dialed In: New functionality While Aiming, gain 15% weapon stability. Empowered: Buff +20% Skill Power (up from +10%). Gunslinger: Buff Swapping to your sidearm within 10s (up from 3s) of a kill refills the sidearm’s magazine and grants +30% (up from 20%) weapon damage for the entire magazine. Hard Hitting: Buff +25% Damage To Elites (up from +10%). Hardened: Buff +15% Armor (up from +10%). Insulated: Buff +30% Hazard Protection (up from +10%). Kneecap: New functionality PvE: Once per 30s, shooting an enemy in the legs applies bleed to them for 10s. PvP: Once per 30s, shooting an enemy in the legs applies bleed to them for 5s. Mad Bomber: Buff Removed attributes requirements. Riot Foam Grenade radius is now correctly modified. Obliterate: Buff Depleting an enemy’s armor grants +30% (up from 25%) critical hit damage for 15s (up from 5s). On The Ropes: Nerf PvE: Weapon damage is increased by 15% (down from 25%) while all skills are on cooldown. PvP: Weapon damage is increased by 10% (down from 25%) while all skills are on cooldown. Opportunistic: New functionality Enemies you damage take 10% more damage from all sources for 3s. Reassigned: PvP Buff PvE: Unchanged PvP: Killing a status effected enemy adds 3 rounds of a random special ammo into your sidearm. Can occur once every 30s (down from 45s). Restorative: Buff +30% Health On Kill (up from +10%). Self Adjusting: Buff +30% Armor Regeneration (up from +20%). Spotter: Nerf PvE: +15% (down from 20%) weapon damage to pulsed enemies. PvP: +10% (down from 20%) weapon damage to pulsed enemies. Surgical: Buff +10% (up from 5%) critical hit chance Tech Support: PvP Buff PvE: Unchanged. PvP: Kills by active skills grant +50% (up from 25%) Skill Damage for 15s (up from 10s) Terminate: PvP Buff PvE: Unchanged. PvP: Depleting an enemy's armor grants +50% (up from 35%) skill damage for 30s (up from 15s). Trauma: New functionality PVE: Once every 30s, an enemy hit with a headshot is blinded for 5s. PvP: Once every 40s, an enemy hit with a headshot is blinded for 2s. To Order: Added functionality Grenades can now be “cooked” by holding the fire button, making them explode earlier. Gain +15% bonus armor while aiming grenades. Unbreakable: PvP Nerf PvE: Unchanged PvP: 20% (down from 25%) of max armor is repaired when your armor is depleted. Armor kits used within the next 7s are not consumed. Unstoppable Force: Nerf Killing an enemy grants 1% (down from 2%) weapon damage for every 20.000 (down from 25.000) max armor. Vital: Buff +25% Health (up from +20%). Wicked: New functionality Whenever you apply a status effect, gain +15% weapon damage for 20s. Weapon Talents: Boomerang: Buff Critical hits have a 50% (up from 20%) chance to return the bullet to the magazine. If a bullet is returned to the magazine the next shot has +50% (up from 20%) increased damage. Breadbasket: Buff Landing body shots adds a stack of bonus +50% (up from 5%) headshot damage to the next headshot for 10s. Max stack is 3 (down from 10). PvP now uses PvE values. Close & Personal: Buff Killing a target within 7m grants +50% weapon damage for 10s (up from 5s). PvP now uses PvE values. Eyeless: Added functionality Deal 30% weapon damage to blinded enemies. After 3 kills, applies blind to the next enemy you hit. Fast Hands: Buff Critical Hits add a stack of 5% (up from 3%) reload speed bonus. Max stack is 30 (up from 20). Finisher: Added functionality Swapping from this weapon within 10s (up from 3s) of killing an enemy grants +30% Critical Hit Chance and +30% Critical Hit Damage for 15s (added). Frenzy: Buff For every 10 bullets in the magazine capacity, gain +3% (up from 2%) rate of fire and +3% (up from 2%) weapon damage for 5s when reloading from empty. Ignited: Added functionality Deal 30% weapon damage to burning enemies. After 3 kills, applies burning to the next enemy you hit. Killer: Buff Killing an enemy with a critical hit grants +50% (up from 30%) critical hit damage for 15s (up from 5s). Lucky Shot: Buff Magazine capacity is increased by 20%. Missed shots from cover have a 100% (up from 25%) chance to return to the magazine. Measured: Modified functionality The top half of the magazine has +20% rate of fire and -15% weapon damage. The bottom half of the magazine has -20% rate of fire and +30% total weapon damage (modified). Naked: New functionality Whenever your armor is depleted in combat, gain +40% damage for 6s. Near Sighted: Adjustment Receive a +80% (up from 35%) stability at the cost of -35% (down from -20%) optimal range. Overwhelm: Buff Suppressing an enemy grants +10% (up from 5%) weapon damage for 12s (up from 10). Max stack is 4, new stacks refresh duration. Outsider: New functionality After killing an enemy, gain +100% optimal range and +100% accuracy for 10s. Removed attributes requirements. Perpetuation: Buff PvE: Unchanged PvP: Kills grant +50% (up from 5%) skill duration, sniper ammo, mortar ammo, and charges to the next skill used. Max stack is 2 (down from 10). Premeditated: Nerf Weapon damage is increased for every shell loaded to a maximum of +20% (down from 35%). If all shells are reloaded the weapon damage is increased by an additional 10% (down from 50%). Buff lasts for 10 seconds. Pummel: Modified functionality 3 consecutive kills (within 20s) refill the magazine and grants +40% weapon damage for 10s (up from 7s). Ranger: Adjustment Removed attributes requirements. Reformation: Buff Headshot kills increase skill repair and healing by 150% (up from 50%) for 25s. Rifleman: Buff Stacks are no longer removed on missed shots and body shots. PvP now uses PvE values. Sadist: Added functionality Deal 30% weapon damage to bleeding enemies. After 3 kills, applies bleed to the next enemy you hit. Spike: PvP Buff PvE: Unchanged. PvP: Headshot kills grant +70% (up from 35%) skill damage for 20s. Steady Handed: Buff Landing a shot adds a stack of bonus 3% (up from 2%) weapon handling. Max stack is 10 (down from 15). At max stacks each shot landed has a 5% chance to consume the weapon handling bonus and refill the magazine. Unwavering: Modified functionality Swapping to this weapon grants +200% weapon handling for 5s. Kills refresh this buff. Swapping away disables this buff from all weapons for 5s. Vindictive: Added functionality Killing an enemy with a status effect applied grants all group members within 15m +20% critical hit chance and +20% critical hit damage (added) for 20s (up from 10s). Specialization Talents Vital Protection: New functionality Now provides Pulse resistance instead of Crit resistance. Weapons Assault Rifles: ACR: Buff 3% damage increase. AUG: Buff 3% damage increase. Carbine 7: Buff 8% damage increase. F2000: Buff 5% damage increase. FAL: Buff 3% damage increase. G36: Buff 3% damage increase. Less damage drop-off past optimal range. M4: Buff 10% damage increase. P416: Nerf -5% damage decrease. TAR-21: Buff 8% damage increase. Light Machine Guns: HK121: Buff 9% damage increase. KAG: Buff 5% damage increase. M249: Nerf -4% damage decrease. M60: Nerf -10% damage decrease. RPK: Buff 5% damage increase. SA80: Buff 6% damage increase. Marksman Rifles: Classic M44 Carbine: Buff 14% damage increase. Custom M44: Buff 19% damage increase. Hunting M44: Buff 8% damage increase. M700 Tactical: Buff 19% damage increase. M700 Carbon: Buff 19% damage increase. SRS: Buff 11% damage increase. Rifles: 1886: Buff 20% damage increase. Less damage drop-off past optimal range. ACR SS: Buff 19% damage increase. Classic M1A: Buff 39% damage increase. Lightweight M4: Buff 11% damage increase. LVOA-C: Buff 12% damage increase. M16: Buff 68% damage increase. M1A CQB: Buff 30% damage increase. MDR: Buff 16% damage increase. Less damage drop-off past optimal range. MK17: Buff 17% damage increase. SIG 716: Nerf -7% damage decrease. SOCOM M1A: Buff 30% damage increase. Sub Machine Guns: AUG: Buff 15% damage increase. MP5: Buff 13% damage increase. MP7: Buff 7% damage increase. MPX: Buff 38% damage increase. P90: Buff 25% damage increase. SMG9: Buff 6% damage increase. T821: Nerf -8% damage decrease. Tactical Vector SBR: Buff 21% damage increase. Thompson: Buff 12% damage increase. Tommy Gun: Buff 6% damage increase. UMP45: Buff 14% damage increase. Less damage drop-off past optimal range. Vector .45 ACP: Buff 25% Damage Increase. Vector SBR 9: Buff 17% damage increase. UI, Options & Controls The order of mod slots has been rearranged on several gear items. Dye slots are now always shown at the bottom of the mod slot list. Added Bleed status effect UI info to Explosive Seeker mine. Added Bleed status effect UI info to Stinger Hive Added Bleed status effect UI info to Artillery Turret. Added autolookcenter and 180 turn settings to consoles. Added option to take cover on long press, this is for people who really dislike being 'sucked into cover' when they roll. Grenade aim assist implemented. Can be disabled in options. Improved visual hit feedback responsiveness. Hipfire now forces the character to walk. Hive skill can be picked up now. Improved responsiveness of traversing cover and moving around corners. Reduced time to recover after a drop, players should get control back quicker. Improved visibility of all enemies when aiming. Apparel Added a menu that shows all collected skins and dyes in one menu. Added the option to add a dye to all armor pieces. Inventory Added a menu that allows sorting of gear-mods in several ways. Added grid view for mods to sort them by category. Added more flags for items: Mark for Donation Mark for Recalibration Added gear menu to sort all gear by brand, item type and several other options. Character UI DMG, RPM and Skill Power is now visible and can be compared on the main inventory screen. Loadouts Added 12 Loadout slots.
  2. PVP & DARK ZONE CHANGES COMING IN EPISODE 2 27 September 2019 With Title Update 6, Episode 2 will arrive in The Division 2. As previously mentioned, in Title Update 6 we're offering you new ways to target specific loot. With that, we're also planning to change and improve several areas for our PvP communities in the Dark Zones of Washington D.C. and Conflict. DARK ZONES Gear Normalization First off, we're going to change normalization in all Dark Zones and Conflict. With TU6, all player stats will no longer be modified, and agents will receive their full recalibration bonuses at end game. For players below Gear Score 500, we will still apply normalization to boost them up to that level, to allow an easier entry into the Dark Zone and organized PvP. Talents will still have a PVE and PVP version and the normalization toggle in the UI will now change the talent text to reflect how these work differently in and outside of normalized PvP. Alongside this, all PvP modifiers will be displayed in the UI for better clarity. Supply Drops We're also making changes to the Supply drops in Dark Zones by changing their variety and increasing the locations in each zone where drops can happen. Supply drops in Episode 2 can drop in landmarks that are not active and the fights for these can feature multiple bosses or factions. This will not only raise the difficulty, but it will bring more variety into the game loop and makes the drops less predictable. Also, more bosses and factions mean a higher chance or contaminated loot, so fighting for these drops will be more lucrative. For the Occupied Dark Zones, we'll be adding supply drops that are guarded by Black Tusk soldiers, offering some more challenges to players and a chance for more loot! Updated Thieves Den Vendor We want to give more importance to the Thieves Den vendor, which now has a proper vendor store where it accepts DZ resources. Like a regular vendor, the Thieves Den Vendor stock will rotate regularly. We will share more information on what the Thieves Den Vendor will sell later. There will be an indicator on the world map which will display the specific DZ where the Thieves Den Vendor is located. At end game, the Thieves Den vendor will move between the two non-occupied Dark Zones. Additionally, the normal vendors outside each Dark Zone's main gate will accept DZ Resources and will have their stock reworked. Dark Zone Server Transfer In the past, one of our biggest goals with the DZ was for it to always feel like a fully seamless experience with the open world. This led players, depending on which server they were assigned to, going into empty DZ phases. In Episode 2, we now try to place you onto a server that will help ensure you're playing in a full zone. The server transfer can happen when players first walk into a DZ checkpoint. A Few Other Changes to the Dark Zone We want to keep things spicy in the Dark Zone. In Title Update 6, you might get ambushed by NPC's while extracting your precious loot. Another change we're introducing in TU6 is that hacking a DZ terminal will temporarily highlight boxes containing loot around you. You will be encouraged to hack more terminals, considering that the updated Thieves Den Vendor now accepts DZ resources. CONFLICT New Game Mode: Team Elimination In Episode 2, a new game mode will join the Conflict playlist, Team Elimination. Designed to encourage a more tactical approach and promote team play. Team Elimination is a 4 versus 4 mode where the first team to score 4 rounds on a total of 7, wins the match. Team Elimination features new boosts, such as team revive or motion sensor boosts. These might change the flow of the match and give you the chance to be those decisive players that can potentially save the team or finish all the opponents! This new mode will be coming to the Episode 2 PTS Tuesday, September 24th! We'll make sure to get you the exact timing as soon as possible. Let us know what you think sharing your feedback on our PTS Forums! End of Match Rewards Players will now always earn a reward for playing in Conflict, regardless of winning or losing the match. You will still earn additional rewards for ranking up and winning. We felt Conflict reward pacing was not on par with the rest of the game, therefore we hope these changes will incentivize you to get in a match and get more gear for your time and efforts. PvP Projects We're introducing PvP projects to Conflict. The daily Dark Zone project now rotates between a Conflict and a DZ project. Each day, when you log in, this project should steer you towards taking part in a different experience. Loadout Selection During Map Voting Once you have voted for which map to play on, you will have the chance to swap to any of your pre-built loadouts directly from the map voting screen. We believe this allows you to be ready to fight even before starting a match. However, you will still be able to change your loadout while being in a match. We hope you're excited about the upcoming changes with Episode 2. In case you've missed it, here you can find the State of the Game for the changes to the loot and PvP. See you in D.C., Agents! /The Division Team