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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum I really loved it and would like to share my experience alongside the community... English is not my first language but I can share a knowledge and do my best hence I was playing TD since 2013. I knew how to manage builds, combat, farming and many.. don't hesitate to add me on PS4 console my PSN ID: mhn and my youtube channel : mhn _ and my insta: mhn__x best regards
  2. I have been playing The Division now for over 700 hrs and would say that I am experienced enough in the game to notice a change in the characters that you create on your Ubisoft/Division Account. Mainly because I have been playing the game for so long now which is coming up to 10 months. But I have discovered something that I feel I need to share with you all. A couple of days ago, I decided on creating a 3rd Division character but my partner to me "why don’t you create a Female character instead of another Male." So, I did just that. But … I have noticed something playing the game from a Female Gamers POV. Have Ubisoft made it easier for Female Gamers. Listen I am in no way whatsoever having a dig at Female Gamers. My partner is one of them and she is if not better than me with certain games and asked me. "Why! and how have I come to this conclusion and where is the evidence to prove otherwise." Okay the evidence is staring you right in the face. I have been gaming probably before some of our forum members were have been alive. I have often played both Male and Female characters in a game. So, I am no stranger to player either side in a gaming environment. My partner said, its bringing out your inner woman’s intuition and that is the reason why you are playing different. And because it is a woman and not a man so naturally you will be cautious and protective of your character than you would playing a Male character. You know what. She could be onto something here. I found weapons and gear that I didn’t fined on my second character. I have progressed to level 6 faster than my second character. So, going back to my earlier question… Have Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment made the game easier and less stressful for Female Gamers. Looking at it from a Male POV I think they have, but only slightly. It is still challenging but although, at the same time - I am finding it a lot easier to play. I asked my Partner the same question and she is a Gamer as much as me… and she said they haven’t. But I beg to differ because why am I finding it a lot easier that is the one thing that is bugging me and to be honest is Why...? I have know some awesome Female Gamers that are the real deal and they will take on any Male Gamer and beat them at their own game. My point is… If they have made it easier. shame on Ubisoft for doing so. Therefore, Could you Guys create a Female Division Agent and then confirm either way and concur if I am indeed correct in my assumption. Another thing is I have died less as a Female character than a Male one. How is this possible when it is the same game. :( Thanks,
  3. Hello fellow agents, I have been following The Division Forums on Twitter and decided to join the forum...
  4. my name is amine , i am from algeria ,if you dont know this country , its an arabian country in the north of africa ,beautiful nature with deferent weather ( coast , Plains , desert ) i like my country but the problem is , we have nothing to do outside ,no clubs no events ,nothing , just drugs ,fights ,bad things i dont like this things , this is why i spent all the time at home ,with my lovely pc till now everything is alrait , but unfortunaly befor few time i get some psychic trouble ,they call it (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) ,this problem make my days from dificult , to very dificult ,now i am 27 old, and believe me i dont remember when the last time i get happy , because all my life is misery when i write here , its not to make some sympathetic, i am strong belive me i can manage my misery this is why i make from video games , my world , when i play , i forgot all this ,i spent the day playing that make me happy ( a little ) to be honest with you i was playing in pirated games ,because in my country we dont have the ability to purchase online ,but after the video games make theire DRM strong with dinuvo thing ,that ruine my days ,now i spent the day so lazy ,bored ,jumping in giveaways websites , in hop i win some game to start my hobbies again if you read the acrticle till here , that mean you are a good one , this is why i will ask for a favor , if you can help me with any game (last games who use dinuvo) i will be so thankful , especially with the division , i really like this game , i see always the gameplay on youtube , and i hope to play it someday , so please make my little dream true in the end , i just want thank ubisoft , for all hapines that broght to as , these team are the best in game develepment , they are like picaso in video games , artiste , so you get all my respect , ubisoft developers , you are the best . and for the gamers in this forum , i hope all hapiness to you , and have fun playing this games :) thank you , if anyone want contact me , i will be so glad for that thats my mail : [email protected] and my facebook :
  5. I love The Division, I think it's one of the best games Ubisoft has ever created. But the Achilles Heal and to me, one of the most annoying parts of The Division. Is the amount of points that you are left with after you BoO has reached 100% you are left with points and nothing to do with them. I mean you cannot extend the BoO anymore than it already is. But there is a potential area that they could extend with a DLC or an Expantion... Between the Security Room and The Armoury is a load of boxes at the end of the corridor that could lead either straight on or upstairs even to a completely new level. I've probably got over 980 points left and we can't do ditto with them. I've actually written a letter, well more of an email to the dev team expressing my idea and they said they haven't anything planed yet for the BoO. The BoO could add another section for the Medical Wing, Technology Wing and Security Wing so that you could use your left over points to update them. Other than that they are just useless and a waste of points. Anybody else feel the same or am I alone with this one...?
  6. Dam wrong screenshot it's actually 220.
  7. Hey guys, after some advice on my builds on how i can improve them. i have some ideas but would value your input. also i am now looking for a new build idea, maybe a reclaimer/tact build? any ideas?
  8. Agent Jones here, I've been on The Division from day one and I was invited to beta test The Division on a Closed Beta but unfortunately because of work commitments I missed out. I'm addicted to The Division and I'm on it every day. Or whenever I can. I do all the daily and weekly missions, and love every minute of it.
  9. Yobro2626


    How many people in the forum are going to be playing on ps4???