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How to catch up.

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I just bought the game Friday. Any ideas on quick ways to catch up?

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If all you want is to hit 30 and catch up fast, it'll be pretty easy.

  • As you run each zone, move on to the next highest difficulty as soon as possible. Run the side missions (light blue pentagons) , run the main missions (matchmaking if necessary), and fill out your xp (if needed) by running encounters (dark blue, yellow, and green colored circles). The moment you reach the lowest level listed for the next zone, move on to there and repeat. You could move on sooner if you wish, but the challenge will be greater, though far from impossible. Keep to this plan until you hit level 30. Drops from main missions and random loot from enemies will carry you well enough to move on.
  • Once you hit level 30, go back to the first main mission (Madison field hospital) and run it on hard. Matchmaking with random players now becomes your default from here on, including the remaining sections below. Repeat in order with all main missions until your gear score shows 130-163, whatever you're comfortable with, but you MUST run/complete Lincoln Tunnel, Lexington Event Center, Warrengate Powerplant, and Russian Consulate (all on hard mode) to enable challenge mode later. The U.N. mission on hard will be the most fruitful after running those to increase your gear score closer to 163.
  • When you hit 130-163 gear score, run Lexington Event Center and Lincoln Tunnel on challenge mode until your gear score reaches 170-182. During this time, select for equipment or mods that add armor (while not neglecting the rest of your stats). You'll need 3500-4640 armor to survive whats coming next.
  • After you reach 170-182, Run Warrengate Powerplant and Russian Consulate on challenge mode. Continue adding armor, but also add health and weapon damage however it fits in. Your scores after these runs should be 130k+ DPS, 50-60k+ health, and whatever for Electronics. Don't worry if they're not, you can run challenge mode anything as many times as you need/wish to improve your gearing/scores. I would recommend repeating Lexington Event Center, as it's the fastest run.
  • When the above two runs become comfortable, you'll likely have settled in around 160k DPS, 60-80k health, whatever on electronics, 55-65% armor (this one is REALLY important, mod for it if you have to), and have a full set of 182 (or better if you get some lucky drops) gear score gear/weapons. At that point, begin running Falcon Lost Incursion on hard mode. You do not need to wait for the weekly award to cooldown to run it again, though your rewards will be lesser (only drops from the boss; a 191 gear set piece, and a 182 item).
  • When hard mode starts to feel comfortable, you've caught up with the bulk of players and can now begin to attempt Falcon Lost Challenge Mode (your gear score should be 183-191). The highest gear available in the game right now drops from this run. The weekly award will net you a piece of 240 gear set, a piece of 214 gear set, and a 204 weapon or gear, while any completed run while the weekly is on cooldown will give a piece of 214 and a 204 gear/weapon. This run is by no means easy; you WILL die a lot, you will fail a lot, and many matchmaking parties will be incapable of completing the run. This would be a good time to find a few steady squad members you can get used to if you haven't already.

Feel free to skip over anything you wish, but at some point, you'll need to go back and complete whatever you skipped mission/encounter wise. Conversely, Find a high gear score friend and have him run you through the zones BACKWARDS (starting at the level 30 zone and working back to the base. Have him/her fast travel to each of the safehouses and fast travel to him/her...he/she can explain how to do this). Even an hour of that will skip you ahead in leveling drastically.

For tips on completing any run listed, there's likely a guide/walkthrough posted on this forum...just type the runs name into the search box, or request tips in this or other threads, we'll be happy to help. To start you off, ALWAYS use a microphone/headset in group runs. Communication is key to completing runs.

For finding a steady group at ANY time, try looking through the below link for clans or groups.

Best of Luck!

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