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PC Gamers, before posting for help, read this!

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Hey people,

If your a PC Gamer and are planning on making a thread requesting for help, this is considered required by a lot of tech support, and honestly should be something you do every time you request technical support.

1. Explain your problem in detail. What exactly is the problem? When did it start? Was it fine before? And finally, what have you tried so far?


2. We'll need your Computer's Specification's. Follow these steps to do so.

- This one is required by Ubisoft Support as well, Depending on what Windows version you are currently using, you can also do this in different ways. But the universal way is to click your start button, find the search fuction, in Windows 7 and 10, it comes up right above the start button, in Windows 8/8.1 you can just use the Charm's Bar. Access this by putting your mouse cursor in the top right of your screen. There will be a search function.

- Search for "DXDiag.exe", once you find it, open the program.

- Once the program is open, click "Save All Information..." and save it as "DXDiag.txt". You may save this wherever you please.

- Then save this as a attachment in your thread you create. Below your text, there is a "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." option. Find the location of the "DXDiag.txt" you saved, click it, then click open. Your attachment will upload and be with your thread when you finish.


3. Also, some very helpful people (especially in PC troubleshooting) are @Tran51ucent, and @quinch1199. So be sure to ask them for help as well.


And finally, remember, we are NOT the official forums, nor do we have any affiliation with Ubisoft or Massive Entertainment. We are simply a bunch of guys who enjoy The Division. But we are more then happy to help out our fellow agents.

Thank you.


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