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Umbrella Corporation (PS4)

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Umbrella Corporation is a well organized agency, threw years of genetic modifications we have created the most highly skilled agents. Our team communication and coordination on operations are unrivaled. We decide who extracts in NYC.

Do you have what it takes to become an Umbrella Corporation Agent?

Yes you do!!!
If you are a dedicated Agent "with" or looking to improve your tactical capabilities , communication, and team cohesion then you have what it takes.

If you are looking for a tight knit community that has a structured rank system for its Agents with clan practices, events, and tournaments for you to enjoy, Umbrella Corporation is where you want to be.

We do have some requirements of our Agents

-Must apply to the site with PSN name.
-Must be willing to complete at least 2 clan practices a week, lasting 2 hours each practice.
-Must be 18+ "unless a panel of senior agents approve, that age must be 16+, and we must speak with the applicant via party chat prior to joining"
-Must not have more than 3 unexscused practices "family and work first ofc"

More Info At This link Click Here Please.

Our site is not fully ready though it will be very soon. We are accepting new Agents willing to help make it grow.

"Our Business Is Life Itself"

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Really like your enthusiasm plus the fact you have practice runs, shows you want to give it a serious shot. I submitted an app as that was pretty much all I could do on your site without being approved first. Hope to see you in game!


Also meant to throw in my PSN Name is Bamad05, that name was already taken when I signed up for this site.

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