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Snowdrop + AMD = Good?

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Just days away from some actual testing and I know none of us have tested the game on our own rigs yet (PC or console) BUT perhaps console players can chime in now anyway as the platform hasn't change from the last game.

The Snowdrop engine has, we're told, undergone some significant tweeking by AMD directly in order to smooth it out and (for PC players) enhance performance for multithreaded processors such as AMD's own Ryzen series. 

Question is, how noticable is this and what changes have been made? What performance buffs are we talking about and have they just all been lost potentially in enhancing the graphics of the game generally anyway?

Console players who've tried the game already, what console did they use (Xbox One X?) How did it look and perform when you thought back to performance for TD1? I ask this as, essentially, none of the changes done by AMD wil impact current gen consoles much...though potentially huge upgrade in performance for the next gen PlayStation which is meant to carry AMD hardware. 

What is everyones thoughts on this partnership anyway? I can't think of another partnership like this for previous games. I realise EA has some input with Intel for BF5 and Anthem but to my konwledge it hasn't stretched to Intel actually rebuilding the game engines! 

I'm hoping, if the results are good, that Ubisoft might consider doing the same to their AnvilNext game engine for the next Wildlands and Assassins Creed games...fingers crossed. 

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