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Private Beta Impresssions

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Originally posted on the official forums (so text is aimed at Ubisoft), wondered if much of it matched your own impressions:

Pros - 

Learning curve: as a Div1 player it took some time to realise the play style in the game is subtly but also significantly different. Get close to the enemy and die quick! Keep the enemy at 50+m and keep moving cover or with friends use an LMG to pin them and flank the enemy WORK IN THIS GAME! 

Damage models: Armour, what an innovative idea for an RPG!! I realise Ubisoft have had to balance the criticism of Division 1’s “bullet sponges” and the more RPG players used to HP pool opponents and I, so far, like this balance. 

Environment: The level of detail, the hidden nuances (love that plaque with YouTube and creators names for example), the general atmosphere and weather changes are great. Fog….OMG!! I can see how you do a Survival style DLC with that switched on. Extensive sewer systems too?? Brilliant!

Graphics: A large step up from Div 1, as to be expected, and welcome none the less.

Optimisation: I know plenty of people had issues, seems most were using Intel & Nvidia chips. I ran an Ryzen with AMD graphics and had no issues what so ever (but there is a Con later anyway).

Story: You guys!!! Dropping recordings like that, you teases! Old characters in a new place huh? Can’t wait to get more.

Control points/bases/Projects: This new game mechanic to liberate, unlock and keep resupplying them…brilliant. I’m going to love it to start with I’m sure (another Con later though).

Cons – 

Net coding: Lots of issues with disconnects for everyone, several issues point to poor net coding. Guys, don’t do this to us. 

Optimisation: I know AMD did a lot of work pushing the Snowdrop engine in favour of AMD multithreaded processors, but to get decent feedback don’t shut out team blue like this.

Control Points: Yes, I found this task really exciting, especially once I worked out the mechanic of how to do this properly such as calling backup etc…but… I do wonder on the longevity of interest. Once I’ve liberated all of them, do I now have to routinely “farm” resources to top them up all the time? If I don’t do they get retaken? Might the idea for me be to just leave them and let them be retaken?? More info needed.

Graphics: Yes, they were very good but…so many glitches Ubisoft! Macro scenery not connected to static Micro scenery which just floats? Wasn’t this apparent in Alpha? These things take a while to fix too so I don’t relish the overtime you guys are having to do now. For some reason after build 2 I could NOT change my graphical settings with the game, each time it said it would set them after a restart, they never did, whatever “custom” default it chose I was stuck with…it worked but needs to not be this way obviously.

UI: NOT a fan. I would say its too much navigation to get to a submenu. I don’t expect to select two menus to get to menu I need, especially clunky with Friends / Invite UI. If I wanted to join a random agent…just two keys needed but if I wanted to join an ACTUAL friend, press space, select name, click name again, navigate to correct part of side menu, click “join group” .. TOO MANY MENUS! Streamline the UI please. 

In review – 

Overall, considering the new game mechanics, setting and play I loved the Beta. Its both different, the same and an improvement on everything that was The Division. There are technical issues that need sorting, with little time to do it, you’ll excuse fans for being pretty rabbid with worry about some of the more heavy issues. I guess we can adapt to others but try to get things like the UI streamlined significantly as well as working on optimisation for single core processor speeds i.e. Intel (IF possible, not sure it is though).

I’m happy my pre-order is safe, happy to have already bought the game and will be looking forward to playing again and investing another few years of my gaming life into a Division Game.

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