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Heavenly Sword Gaming [PC, Semi-Hardcore]

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Who Are We?


Heavenly Sword Gaming is a semi-hardcore, PVX clan in The Division 2 supported by a much larger gaming community. Our primary focus is to ensure that all who choose to play with us are enjoying themselves to the fullest. We are a clan that intends to invest heavily in every facet of the game; be that endgame PvE raids or organized PvP and the community events that tie into the game organically. At launch, for example, we are having a race to max level for those interested and a few speed clear events.


The term semi-hardcore to us means that we are a progression minded clan that downs content and has fun doing it. We expect you to show up on time and appropriately geared. It does not mean in any way, shape or form that we are elitists. Quite the contrary. We welcome players of all talent and ambition. We just hold those doing the top end game activities to a higher standard. We have the ambition to be one of the top clans in The Division 2 and this is how we plan to invest in order to make that happen.


What Do We Offer?


1. Fairness – Heavenly Sword Gaming will always treat you with the respect you deserve. If you’ve proven yourself to be a valuable member of this clan, you will be rewarded.


2. Clan First Attitude – This is a two-part idea. First and foremost, we want everyone who joins to feel like they are a part of the team/clan/family. You’re one of our own the moment you join and we want you to fit in. Furthering that mantra, we believe that the highest levels of success can only be achieved if you work together and further the clan’s goals, as well as your own, within a strong group.


3. Opportunity – Lastly, we offer advancement in the ranks within the clan itself and the community as a whole. We hope to recruit people who work their way up to officer positions and become valued members of the team for years to come. Additionally we offer events that keep things interesting and reward accordingly for placement within them. Most of all we reward a solid work ethic, dedication and hard work.


What Are We Looking For?


1. Dedication – We are seeking players that are dedicated to The Division 2, their character and Heavenly Sword Gaming. It is our hope that we gain players who stick around for years to come.


2. Progression – In just about any video game that has any kind of progression system, we tend to work hard to progress our characters, clans, push the in-game systems as far as they can go, etc. There will always be room for improvement and we expect your outlook to be the same.


3. Integrity – We expect our members to act their best to both their clan mates and their enemies alike. Any contest deserves equal respect and praise. Disrespectful actions or words of any kind will not be tolerated. Exploiting game mechanics or unfair behavior will not be tolerated. If you witness someone within the clan doing any of these things, we expect you to speak to an officer so that this does not reflect poorly on all of us in the end. Wearing that Heavenly Sword Gaming tag means you represent us out in the world of The Division 2 and on the forums.


4. Last but certainly not least, we want all of you to have fun and enjoy the game. This is the entire reason we play games in the first place. This is the primary function of the clan.




1. Heavenly Sword Gaming is an 18+ clan.

2. We are PC only for The Division 2.

3. You must join the Discord and follow the instructions to become a member of the clan via the website link. Heavenly Sword Gaming

My name is Cronos and you can reach me on Discord with the tag Cronos#8245 if you have any questions.

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