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[PC/XBOX][NA] Atlas Reborn (ARC) is Recruiting! | PVP/PVE

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Atlas Reborn [ARC] is Recruiting!
Looking for like-minded end-game progression focused players.


  • We have both Xbox and PC Clans
  • Focused/Hardcore - Casual demeanor, but non-casual rate of progression. Many of us will be pushing the pace to reach World Tier 5 quickly.
  • We’re active on all fronts! PVE (anything and everything to progress to true end-game efficiently) & Dark Zone PVP.
  • Predominantly comprised of gamers with quite a bit of experience in the looter shooter genre in general, including The Division 1 specifically.
  • Most members range from 25-40 in age. If you’re looking for a mature group to consistently push through end-game content with, we’re it.
  • Clan leaders are active in recruiting, so you don’t have to be. You can enjoy being part of a gaming community that will maintain an active player base, so you know you’ll have folks to raid with (when it comes out), and run the DZ and strongholds with.
  • Well-organized Discord server with:
    • Division-based YouTube/Reddit/Twitter feeds to keep up with news.
    • Categories for other games beyond just Division
    • Passionate player base that digs through online materials to share player-made helpful resources.
    • Discord Link: Atlas Reborn [] (click The Division icon in #roles to expose The Division channels)


Atlas Reborn is a gaming community that is relatively new, and taking our like-minded interests into a new game, The Division 2. The group has a wide-ranging interest in games, and The Division is one that brings a solid chunk of the player base together across the two platforms. The robust end-game progression and looter shooter genre is something we really dive into with intent. In the coming weeks/months, we’ll be blitzing to end game and spending time daily in the DZ, strongholds, and other end game content. If you’re passionate about The Division, the looter shooter genre, and/or games with challenging and robust end game mechanics (including raids), Atlas Reborn is a solid group of guys for you to play alongside while gearing out your agent with top-tier World Tier 5 loot.

For some background, we formed the Discord server in preparation for the launch of ATLAS last december and rose to be the #1 company (a.k.a. Clan) on PVE in the first week of the game. Up until the launch of Anthem, we maintained out Top 5 status throughout our time playing ATLAS. We led the world first kill of the final boss in that game, the Kraken, while organizing a group of 150+ players (between ourselves and our allies). This is pertinent because it demonstrates that we have experience pressing the front end of progression. Before we came together, many of our folks had/have ample experience pushing through end-game progression in MMOs (WoW, FFXIV, etc.), shared-world shooters (Destiny), and other games that include raiding (or other forms of end-game mechanics). If you’re anything like us, you appreciate surrounding yourself with other folks that have a similar mentality in games that have a PVE progression system.

The Xbox and PC clans are still growing, so you have an opportunity to get in early and get experience playing with the existing Agents before we start dipping our toes into the end game.


Like most gaming communities, Discord is our bread and butter. Feel free to poke around before reaching out. Simply join, assign yourself the roles for the games you’re interested in, and the respective categories will appear. Atlas Reborn

What We’re Looking For

  • Have fun!
  • Active players. Many of our members are active daily. We’d like to bring in more folks who have the same passion for the game as we do! We don’t expect everyone to be as hardcore as some of our members who have taken time off world to get to the front of the pack in progression. That said, we’d like the folks we bring in to be working toward preparing for end-game when the 8-man content releases.
  • Discord is encouraged.
  • Age: 18+
  • Be respectful. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, vulgar language directed towards others. Competition is healthy. We’ll push the pace, and cutthroat Dark Zone gameplay is always encouraged, but toxic interaction with others is always discouraged.
  • That's it! Join a new group for a new game. If your interests are aligned with ours, and you plan on putting time into the game, this is a great place to learn and progress together. We simply aim to relieve the burden of going at it alone, alongside like-minded players.

How to apply

  • Join our discord channel at Atlas Reborn and @Officer expressing interest in joining.
  • Discord DM:
    • Both Platforms: Madducks#4703
    • Xbox: SherpaGoolsbee#8732
    • PC: Sp3cialG#3130
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