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Earth Angels clan.wanted members.

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Starting a clan.this game is deep.want serious players who can keep there cool and love the game.also have to be down to earth and of kind charachter.people who want to enjoy the game and help each other out.people who will avtually get along with each other is a must as experienced some harsh realities in rdr2 about making a racism at all is accepted.and no bullying.age from 25 upwards unless you believe your of mature nature.i just want to enjoy this we have a little crew for red dead wildlands.only good vibrations wanted.anywhere in the world aslong as we can all communicate.have players in time zones from america to uk to italy.i want players to help each other..The Earth Angels are awaiting your call  

saffron280982 ps4 gamertag 

Its gonna be hard to make a big clan and still keep it fun and close nitted without the whole thing becoming to much.any other clans that are struggling to evolve there clan upwards please feel free to join.its not about a leader.its about getting the best out this beautiful many big crews become inpersonal and stressful.i wont allow that or it wont be full of control and rules of leadership.lets just enjoy the game.i want to be ready for the 8 man squad update.and whatever else this game will evolve to.

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