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Hey guys and gals, 

    Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I have a clan on Playstation 4 on Divisions 2 called "Lil Hellraisers". Our clan is conprised of mostly avid gamers in the 30-40yr old range. We currently ha e 19 clan members but are trying to expand our clan size so that as a group we can more easily complete clan projects, get more clan rewards as a group, and keep leveling up our clan. Our clan currently sits at level 15 and we just earned our first weekly clan cache this week. We all use mics so we can communicate during play amd have more fun. We dont really have many rules to follow other than we ask everyone to respecr one another. We all like to rib and pick at eachother a little but we dont get too carried away. We want everyone to have fun enjoying their favorite past time and make a few new friends maybe in the process. We are trying to actively promote fun play amd imcentive to want to make our clan a great one. We ha e a great group of guys that are on playing at all different times of day, many are willing to help out, drop loot that may help your build you are trying to achieve, etc...  This weeek is the first of what I hope to be many clan rewards by member for a member created challenge. I myself challenged all my clan members to see who can earn the most XP this week and whomever does will get a new Divisions 2 T-shirt from me. Our clan also has a discord set up and PS4 group message feed so that we can more easily share news about the game and get in touch with eachother to find people to game with or talk about Division 2 related things. Please if you are interested in joining a great clan then send me a friend request on Playstation 4 and I will send you a clan invite. My Playstation 4 gamer tag/screen name is Haroku_Saki

Thankyou and hope to hear from you soon.  

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