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The Division 2 Update 3 and Raid Will Release Soon:from

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The Division 2 Update 3 and Raid Will Release Soon:from


After several weeks of testing, The Division 2 developer Massive Entertainment is finally ready to release Title Update 3, which is the looter shooter’s most game-changing update yet. In addition to tons of balance changes and tweaks, Division 2 Title Update 3 will also include the Operation Dark Hours raid.

First things first, The Division 2’s Public Test Server has been shut down for the time being. The purpose of the PTS was to test changes coming to The Division 2 in TU3, so it only makes sense that it concludes its initial run. Title Update is said to release next week, but Massive did not give a firm date. Most likely, it will launch on Thursday with the usual weekly maintenance but there may be a different approach considering how big the update is and how many changes it introduces.As far as those changes, The Division 2 players will notice a lot of talent’s requirements have been tweaked on gear, like Berserk now asking for 12 red attributes. But more importantly, the damage output and mitigation has been almost completely retuned so that players don’t take as much damage from enemies and those enemies go down faster.
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  •   The update also includes new ways to get guaranteed 500 Gear Score items, as long as the player is at or above the Gear Score cap. However, plans to put in sources for Gear Score items up to 515 have been put in hold after community outcry. Long story short, Massive would rather not undermine the grinding and min maxing that players have been doing by releasing higher Gear Score items right before the raid launches.Speaking of the raid, Massive didn’t give a firm release date but did say that it will launch shortly after Title Update 3. Presumably, when the developer gives out the release date for The Division 2 Title Update 3 then it will also reveal when the raid launches. Hopefully, there will be some time to tweak builds based on the new changes before Operation Dark Hours introduces new challenges into the fold.

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