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Title Update 3: New Classified Assignments

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May 14, 2019

2 New Classified Assignments Now Live With Title Update 3

Title Update 3 has arrived, and with it we have introduced our first two Classified Assignments

These narrative missions take you through new and remarkable lore that explores the activities of agents, civilians and enemy factions in the 7-month period between the events of New York and the fall of Washington D.C. They are also full of puzzles and secrets, which all together paint a picture of what happened after Green Poison spread across the country.

You can initiate the first mission upon reaching level 10, and when reaching level 30 you will be notified of the second one. Yet, before you can enter, you will need to find the door...


Classified Assignments can be completed once a week, so if you happen to miss any of their hidden secrets, you still have new opportunities to explore the lore, complete the missions and gather your rewards and collectibles. Classified Assignments are purely narrative experiences, and do not offer any gameplay advantage. The trophies you can collect are unique to Classified Assignments and are a great way to show off your excellent puzzle solving skills; plus, they also look great!

Here's what you can expect to see in the first 2 Classified Assignments:

  • Two new missions where you need to intercept enemy faction's plans.
  • A range of collectibles, unique cosmetics and trophies.
  • A deep dive into events with additional lore that uncovers struggles of citizens and Agents in D.C.

These first 2 Classified Assignments will take you to various locations within Washington D.C., and we have 6 more Classified Assignments coming in Year 1. Classified Assignments are exclusive to Year 1 Pass holders. 

Good luck, Agents!

/The Division Team

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This is available with the Season Pass, and can be done at any level (not sure if it is once per account or per toon, i.e haven't tried yet).

It has more of a focus on content and apparel than loot. There are some recording building a story, similar to some of the hospital stories in the contaminated areas (though smaller scale). The Apparel reward was a trophy, so that seems a reasonable reward.


Tom Clancy's The Division® 22019-5-15-20-28-24.jpg


Tom Clancy's The Division® 22019-5-15-20-38-11.jpg


Tom Clancy's The Division® 22019-5-15-21-1-13.jpg



Tom Clancy's The Division® 22019-5-15-21-12-4.jpg



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