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Imperial Gladiators

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Imperial Gladiators is a new and uprising community. We are looking for chill and relaxed people to play with. We are looking for people that are willing to help build up the community. We are active most nights and are looking for active and awesome people. We also support Xbox and PS4 Games for those that carry the game else were as well. Since we are an "Official" gaming community we do have some requirements and those are posted below. 


  • Must be 16 or older
  • Must have discord (You can add me @ Kitsune#0149)
  • Must be active regularly

We are also looking for members that want to move up as officers, if you want to be one of my officers, please contact as spots are filling up and we want YOU to be part of our great community. Young or old to the game we will gladly accept you into our home. 

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We are still looking for new members, dont be shy. We are a chilled and laid back community. We have very few guidelines and joining is easy as one, two, three. Check out our discord and we will talk about YOUR future with Imperial Gladiators.

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