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Oh. daesu

Elite Task Force Echo Application

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"As announced on State of the Game #131, we are planning to host an Elite Task Force workshop at the Massive studio in Malmö, Sweden. For those unaware of the “ETF” workshops we have run in the past, they are opportunities for us and selected community members to sit down and talk about the game here in our studio. Over the course of the workshop, we’ll talk about the current state of The Division 2, present our ideas for upcoming changes and have discussions around several topics, including endgame RPG, loot, PvP and inventory.

In the past Elite Task Force feedback has been a key element in making game-changing updates to the franchise. Prime examples are updates 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 in the original The Division which were heavily influenced by previous ETF workshops

If this has sparked your interest and you want to bring your passion for the game to our studio to have constructive talks with our development team, you can sign up via the surveymonkey link below. Keep in mind that we will select the players based on our needs and criteria, so signing up does not guarantee an invite.


  • Elite Task Force Echo will happen from September 4th to 6th and members will be brought in on September 3rd and back home on September 7th.
    • Only apply if you will be available for these dates.
  • You need valid travel documents to be able to come to Sweden. This may include a passport and Visa, depending on your country. Make sure to check what documents are required to travel to Sweden before applying, e.g. with your local embassy.
    • Getting travel documents can take a long time and we can only accept players that are able to travel to us during the mentioned dates.
  • We will pay for flights, hotel and food during your stay in Sweden.
    • While you can travel with somebody else, please be aware that we will only be covering the cost for you and no other guests will be allowed to visit the studio (e.g. you won’t be able to bring your life partner into the studio and we won’t be paying for their trip).
  • The ETF workshop will be under NDA, meaning no content from the workshop can be shared.

If you’re interested, you can fill out this formand tell us about yourself and why you’d be an ideal member of ETF Echo this time around!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, Agents!" 


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"We invited selected players for ETF Echo via email. Please ensure you check your spam folder. We invited our first group of players but there’s the possibility of needing replacements (e.g. travel restrictions) and we’ll keep you updated if further invites are send out..."

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