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We are introducing our third Clan Spotlight featuring The Second Wave [TSW] from Twitter!

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We are introducing our third Clan Spotlight featuring The Second Wave [TSW] from Twitter!

Clan Spotlight: The Second Wave [TSW]

September 6, 2019

Clan Spotlight: The Second Wave [TSW]

Hello Agents!

Welcome to our third Clan Spotlight feature, we have a great clan to introduce to you: The Second Wave [TSW], founded by GCRock.

This clan is big, and consists of a multitude of branches that span across all three platforms. They all work together as a family to help their community achieve their goals.

Be it to collect masks, complete the Raid, or simply take a stroll down the road to take over some control points.

So, without further ado, let us delve deeper into this family of Agents to see how they make it work.

For people out there who do not know The Second Wave [TSW], can you introduce yourselves and your clan?

[TSW] is a large gaming community created by founder GCRock and is run together with LadyM, Paul264, Penny and Fifteens.

GCRock: I am GCROCK, a video games content creator on YouTube. I am also the founder of the clan The Second Wave.

LadyM: Head Admin of our Discord community and former Clan Admin. Her work with the clan has been amazing.

Paul264: Discord admin; he was around before I started all of this.

Penny: Works a lot with me and helps me with the channel & raids. Also a Discord Admin.

Fifteens: Our Clan admin, he has supported LadyM immensely with the growth of the clan.


Can you share the story of how The Second Wave [TSW], began?

GCRock: We created [TSW] in anticipation of The Division 2. We heard that clans were going to be a thing, so we knew we had to make a plan. At first, I did not feel much for it; my experience with clans in the past has been competing and pushing to earn the most XP and rewards. My channel is about helping the community. When we started to plan how we could create a clan that did that, I got very excited by it.

I was having a chat with Paul264 and a few others to decide the name of the clan. Paul said "The Second Wave" and I loved it. - GCRock

Paul264 When we started out on The Division, we were PS4 only. We were a group of less than 10 players that just loved the game. It was around the time when global events and commendations released that we became determined to get the happy and piggy mask from the Global Assault Event. We spent most of the week trying various methods and refining our approach until we were close to completing it.

However, time was against us due to work commitments, and only one group got the happy mask. Next time we would make sure everyone got it. When the event started the second time, we had just started streaming for fun on the GCrock YouTube channel, and we all got the masks on the first day. We were wearing the masks in the terminal and people saw it on stream, and people asked how we got it and could we help them. We started helping people get the happy & piggy masks.

From there on, we started to offer survival runs, flawless legendary missions and anything else we knew people might struggle with due to the lack of ability; poor build quality or the lack of a regular group to play with.

For more information go to this website:


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