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Malcolm Kocinski

I having dozens of problems with The Division 2 that Ubisoft should fix after the update!!

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I having dozens of problems with The Division 2 that Ubisoft should fix after the last update!! One of many problems I'm having is NPCs  glitch where NPCs are falling through the floors & walls and getting stuck there. So I can't finish the Main mission. Even if I try to re-start the Main mission the problem won't go away. Almost all the time I have kill myself to get the Main mission to re-set. I'm also having problems with the Control Points after taking back the Control Points  and unlocking the Storage rooms. I find the all boxes & creates empty  and not refilled over & over again. Another problem I having is enemy announcements & prerecorded messages boxes I guess. I can't get them to reset  because is no key be found anywhere after killing all the enemies.Another problem I'm still having is a exotic weapon. Now don't tell to do the Hotel & Bank Main missions over again. Which I done over & over again dozens of times. I found all items ,ID cards,& keys required to open all hidden areas & boxes the Hyenas  have.I did find all 11 hidden & open area boxes. Still I found most parts.....but no blueprints and some parts are still missing as I stated in all the Exotic weapons forums ,posts, & even ones I started. .I rather kill a Big Boss and get an exotic weapon that way than go grinding for it. If I want to go grinding I go to the Subway Sandwich Shop  and pick one up.  Now if anyone read this could you please pass this on in Ubisoft forums in The Division 2 post area please. Because I'm not too crazy to post this problem in there & I hate that forum very much it's too toxic to post there !!!  Thank you!! Either that I could wait till Ubisoft comes by some day and read my post again. Has anyone else had any problems playing The Division 2 or not?

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