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Storm Area 51 Event Canceled After YouTubers' Arrests from GameRant.

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Storm Area 51 Event Canceled After YouTubers' Arrests from GameRant.



The creator of the Storm Area 51 Facebook page that kicked off a viral movement has now canceled all event plans, describing "a possible humanitarian disaster in the works."In a message posted to the new AlienStockFestival website, organizer Matty Roberts confirmed the cancellation. The event had grown beyond an "expected 10,000+" attendees according to Roberts, far outgrowing the event's planned venue. The cancellation was necessary to avoid what Roberts describes as a possible "FyreFest 2.0" situation.Storm Area 51's cancellation follows an unfortunate escalation among the event's followers. Two men described as Dutch YouTubers were arrested trespassing at Area 51's US Air Force installation. They were both picked up by Nevada's Nye County police officers and have been officially charged with trespassing. Officers described finding a laptop, cameras, and a drone in the two's belongings, as well as footage of Area 51. The Air Force has previously warned that attempting to access a military installation is dangerous.




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