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Malcolm Kocinski

The Story of the HYENAS || Lore / Story || The Division 2 from Wiki & YouTube.

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The Story of the HYENAS || Lore / Story || The Division 2 from Wiki & YouTube:




Organizational Information



Hyena Council


Hostile Threat




Gas masks, riot helmets, badanas,

Additional Information



A loosely organized gang of opportunistic raiders that prey on struggling civilian encampments through violence and intimidation. These hedonistic scavengers take everything they can steal and destroy everything else to deprive their enemies of valuable resources. The Hyenas are led by a council of the strongest pack leaders.
- Hyena Description


The Hyenas are a major enemy faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. While combining the killing instinct, thievery premise, and the firearm combat discipline of the Rioters and the Rikers in Tom Clancy's The Division., those similarities end there as it is suggested that power centralized by a faction council was formed even in the events prior to the game.The Hyenas show a lack of free world discipline, roaming around in groups and charging around in a fight rather than holding their ground. They show a lack of tactics at times, being only concerned about destroying their opponents.


The Hyenas leadership and government structure is a combination of a federation and an autocracy. As a federation the Hyenas are led by a council of Hyena clans. Each clan is self-governing and relatively independent of one another but are all unified as one. As an autocracy each clan is led by a single leader who has absolute authority over his/her own clan and represents them within the council.Originally the Hyenas were divided and often fought each other until Coyote proposed to other clan leaders to unify together. She argued that they all faced a common foe, the True Sons, and that they need to band together if they were going to survive. The others agreed and thus the council was formed.
Intelligence Brief

Much like their animal counterpart the Hyenas are generally opportunistic raiders and scavengers who prey on the weak but can also stand their ground against more powerful foes. The Hyenas appear to consist mostly of late teens and young adults who are either criminals, affiliated with gangs before the outbreak, and/or simply revel in the anarchy. In fact, they've been known to manufacture drugs as drug labs can be seen within Hyena occupied buildings. Their general combat skills can be seen as unorthodox, unorganized and unprofessional as some disregard using covers, wildly shoot their weapons without aiming or simply take drugs and maniacally charge into battle. Their tactics are simply put; to overwhelm their target with numbers by pinning them down and allowing others to rush in for close combat. Despite this, as a faction they are relatively organized and intelligent as they are able to re-purpose and use military weapons (mini-guns and grenade launchers) and their council is shown to possess a decent level of a government structure. The Hyenas mark their territory with green paint and fumes.
Relationship with other factions

The Hyenas are at war with the True Sons and have fought to a stalemate against them. In fact, the main reason for various Hyena clans to unify was because of the True Sons, suggesting that prior to the unification each clan were being decimated by their enemy. Evidence of a battle between the two can be seen in buildings, on the streets and near control points, with corpses from either faction being present. Judging by the fact that Hyena possesses more control points with mini-gun than any other factions, it can be assumed that the Hyenas are on the defensive in this war.Following the death of several Hyena Council members and the invasion of the Black Tusk, the Hyenas are now at war with every faction and are vying for control of positions within D.C.
Known Hyena Packs

    Mall Rats
    12th Street Spicelords
    Spec-Ops Bitches
    Congress Rats
    Rat Race
    Bitch Masters
    Dober Men
    River Rats
    North Lawn Bitches
    Temple Bitches
    Afterschool Special
    Rat Bitches
    Rat Race
    Metro Runners
    Underground Railroad
    South Lawn Rats
    Catfish Masters
    Bitch Pastor
    Church Kings
    Church Runners
    Lawn Queens
    Pastor Catfish
    Center Runners
    Sky High
    Capitol Bitches
    Don't Feed the Animals
    7th Street Dealers
    Rabid Rabbits

Weapons Used

    Px4 Storm
    Marine Super 90
    AUG A3


Hyena Assault
Submachine Guns

    When I first started seeing these assholes show up, I figured it was bad news. I've seen my share of Black Bloc-style folks, and these weren't them. They were well-armed, but disorganized. Figured they'd maybe raided military surplus stores or something.
    - Odessa Sawyer

The Assault unit are deeply indoctrinated by the Hyena's ethos. They are unorganized and inexperienced in combat, relying on intimidation and constant gunfire to make up for their shortcomings. The Assault unit use raiding and looting to instill fear into the citizens of DC.

Strategic Data

    The Hyenas Assault archetype prefers to fight from behind cover, and move cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire.

Named Members

    Hyena Council
        Books - Assembly Supervisor and Leader of the Hyenas. Killed by the Division in the District Union Arena; Engineer
        Diesel - Council Representative. Killed by the Division in the District Union Arena; Tank
        Dime - Council Representative. Killed by the Division in the District Union Arena; Shield
        Saint - Killed by the Division in the Grand Washington Hotel; Tank
        Roach - Council Representative. Killed by the Division at Bank Headquarters; Tank
        Rebound - Council Representative and Personal Bodyguard. Killed by the Division at the Bank Headquarters; Shield
        Coyote - Council Representative. Terminated by the Division at the Jefferson Trade Center; Sniper
        Mayhem - Council Representative
        Zodiac - Head of Spice Production and Council Representative


    Jokes - Tank
    Sharky- Sheild
    Frenchie - Controller
    Shakey - Shield
    Dent - Thrower
    Hatter - Controller
    Twitch - Assault
    George - Thrower
    Bags - Assault
    Plastic - Controller
    Devil - Controller
    Twitch - Tank
    Rash - Engineer
    Cuffs - Shield
    Scalpel - Medic

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I think Hyenas as a so-called gang are drug addicted  & retarded and are not cool at all. I hate to say this. I like killing them .

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